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What is the Preferred Way to Import Time-Lapse Content in GoPro Studio?

The process for converting time‐lapse sequences into GoPro CineForm files is as follows: Copy the time‐lapse folders from the DCIM folder on the SD card to a location on your computer. We suggest creating a specific folder for your GoPro Studio projects. Click the IMPORT NEW FILES button and browse to the folder that contains the time‐ lapse sequences you want to import. Highlight the folders you want to import and click Open. Press ‘Command+S’ on your keyboard to save the project.

Working with Transitions in GoPro Studio

When playing back your Storyboard, the default transition between two clips is a ‘CUT’. You have the option, however of using a ‘DISSOLVE’ instead. Adding a Dissolve transition To change the transition from a ‘CUT ‘to a ‘DISSOLVE’, do the following: On the Storyboard, click the ADD TRANSITION icon (+ sign) between the two clips where you’d like to add the dissolve. Once added, the + sign will change to a new icon, indicating that it is now a ‘DISSOLVE’. Move the Storyboard Time Indicator to a couple of seconds behind... Read More »

Why Does GoPro Studio Convert Files to the GoPro CineForm Format?

The first step in any GoPro Studio workflow is to convert your source files into the GoPro CineForm format. This is very important and there are several reasons to do this. All consumer‐level cameras and many professional‐level cameras record in highly compressed video formats designed to capture large amounts of data very quickly and save that data onto an SD card or other portable media format in as small a file as possible. This is great for recording a lot of data onto a small space, but these compression formats are... Read More »

Come si regola il volume di un audio o di un video in GoPro Studio?

Adjusting the volume is handled identically for both video and audio clips in GoPro Studio. Here is how to increase or decrease the overall volume of a clip. Select the desired clip in the Storyboard. In the Settings section on the right you will see the Audio settings. Move the LEVEL dB slider to the left or to the right to decrease or increase the volume. If you want to add a Fade In or Out, this is done in the same Audio Settings section. Adjust the Fade In and Fade... Read More »

Come rimuovere un video da un'area di destinazione di un modello in GoPro Studio

There are two ways to remove a video clip from a template target ares in GoPro Studio. Simply replace the existing clip that is in that target area with the desired clip. You can Undo the adding of the clip by pressing CRTL+Z (PC) or Command+Z (Mac), or by selecting Edit > Undo. The Undo option is best only if the clip you want to remove was added as your last action. If it was not your last action, the Undo will remove some other change. It is not possible to... Read More »

Riproduzione video discontinua in GoPro Studio

If you experience stuttering or jerky playback within GoPro Studio, it could be that your computer is having a hard time keeping up with the high quality video preview. If this occurs, please try the following: In the upper-right section of GoPro Studio in Step 2: Edit, you will see the Playback setting. Try lowering it to Half or Quarter resolution. This just impacts the preview and has no impact on the final output.            Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Check with... Read More »

Cos'è il keyframing e come utilizzarlo in GoPro Studio?

Keyframing is a process where you can assign specific values to various setting at different points in time. For example you could have different settings for settings such as Temperature, Saturation, Zoom, etc. at different points within the same clip. Here is a quick example showing how to do accomplish this. For this example we want to have a video clip that start out in black and white and then gradually changes to full color around the middle of the clip. Place the Storyboard Time Indicator to the front of the... Read More »

Installazione driver Wi-Fi BacPac - Windows 8

This article describes the process to properly install the device driver for the Wifi BacPac in Windows 8.  If you connect a powered on Wi-Fi BacPac and GoPro Studio does not show it in the Device Window, this article applies to you. Step 1- Turn off User Account Control (UAC) Instructions for Windows 7  Instructions for Windows Vista   Step 2 - Confirm that the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed on your computer To check if the Wi-Fi BacPac Device Driver is successfully installed, follow the below steps: Click... Read More »

Come si ottengono altri modelli per GoPro Studio?

Within GoPro Studio, in the top right-hand corner of the Template Selection Window, click on the "Download more here" link. This will take you to the webpage where you can select and download additional templates.

Perché la conversione dei file in GoPro Studio dura così a lungo?

Converting file from the default source format to the GoPro CineForm format is a CPU intensive process that will take some time. There are several factors that can affect how long this process takes: The length of the source video. Longer videos take longer to process. Your CPU speed plays an important role. The faster the CPU, the faster the conversion. Adding a speed change to the conversion will lengthen the process. Removing the Fisheye effect will lengthen the process. The Quality setting can affect how long it takes. If you... Read More »